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Mega888 Slots Game Malaysia

The online casino legend that has swept Malaysia by storm since the early days of mobile gaming. This the mother of all casino games in Malaysia as almost all players know about this game and it’s the history of its early days. Mega888 is one of the best online casino games you can come across in Malaysia due to the number of games it has, it’s friendly and compatible nature with all devices and the reputation of being the most played online casino in Malaysia.

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Mega888 is the online champion for casino games in Malaysia as stated before. The online game has been going around making waves all over the country with the fantastic game selection, the best graphics of its time, and the support for common lower-tier devices such as older phones(older than 3 years). This online casino is the best place for you to get started or continue your online casino experience as this place has the basics covered and is available to everyone. The online casino game is supported by most telco providers in Malaysia such as Digi, Celcom, Maxis, TuneTalk and more. The online game is great for those who also love to spend their free time testing their luck with their own cash.


We use high speed fibre optic broadband connections and a multitude of servers and backup servers to keep our casino video feed online. We want our players to have the smoothest visual experience with the least amount of lag in playing their favourite table games. The camera records in high quality 1080p recording and then is compressed into a 480p or 360p stream that is easy for our normal 3G telco lines to handle and play smoothly.

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The game is wonderful because at its core is the fact that casinos should be available to all players, no matter their statuses just like how 4D 6D draws are available to the public. Have no fear when playing Mega888 as it is one of the best choices you still can make to date. The games are secure, fast, easy to understand and most importantly, has been recognized by almost every online casino player in Malaysia and Southeast Asia already. You can have no other better choice than Mega888 when it comes to all its principles that cover a wide range of what people in Malaysia would need in a casino. Hope you enjoy yourself playing Mega888! Good Luck!