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Pussy888 - The Rising Casino Star In Malaysia

One of the most arguably rising stars of the online casino industry in Malaysia is deemed to be the game Pussy888 with it’s great game selection, fantastic design and device compatibility. Custom picked games at the ready by specialized testing teams makes the game selection for Pussy888, one of the best in the industry. The games that they have picked offer a combination of old school classics that you can find in places like 918Kiss and SCR888. Then they also added newer games that originate from Thai local online casino games that have made an explosive entry into the sector - games like Buffalo Blitz, White King and Roaring Wilds are the stars of Pussy888 so far and this is contributed by the new design and pleasing aesthetics that they promote.

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Pussy888 is a game themed on the concept of an arcade based casino library. The game’s interface has a polished 3D look to it and a smooth feel in operating it as well. When you scroll the library, the game is buttery smooth and runs around 30 fps at all times. The game is fairly easy to run for any phone and can be installed within minutes even. This is because of the great coding involved in making this game. The proper way of making this game be coordinated is handled by the developers from China. With ever advancing technology, they are able to make the game run on little processing power for phones and this increases the battery life during average game times.

Pussy888 also stands out in terms of daily bonuses. The daily bonuses give players a chance to earn bonuses after they have completed a certain challenge on a certain game. Players can earn either extra spins or free stuff from certain games. This is one of the outstanding features that sets Pussy888 apart from its competitors. Handled with care, this game can be one of the most successful games that has ever taken Malaysia by storm. The game is one of the best you can try and the variety of games available is mindblowing - slot games, table games, dice games and arcade games are all available here at any time!

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This has been an ongoing debate on whether Pussy888 is better than 918Kiss or vice versa. Many people loe Pussy888 and the game is increasing in playerbase sharply all the time but many people also love 918Kiss as the players keep returning back to the game for more. Before this competition, 918kiss was in the same position as Pussy888 as it went up against SCR888 back in the days. The longer time spent online, the game grew and now Pussy888 does not need a well made server to keep it going on and on. Pussy888 has a combination of the latest choice of casino games together with the combination of the classic slot games that encouraged 918 Kisses popularity. These games are great for anyone that has free time to kill and want more out of their day. But, just do not give the game a hard time by playing it in a place that has low internet connnectity.